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Container details

CSC / Convention for Safe Containers (link)
CSC, plate (picture)
Corner fitting / Corner casting (picture)
Gooseneck tunnel (picture)
Height marks for containers higher than 2,6 m / 8 ft 6 in (picture)
InterContainer (IC) codes (excel file)
Lock, Bering Bracket (pdf file)
Lock, Bom II (pdf file)
Lock, Fix Code (pdf file)
Lock, Fix Lock (pdf file)
Prefix (picture)
Prefix, B.I.C. / Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (link)
Purpose codes according to ISO 6346, second edition (excel file)
Purpose codes according to ISO 6346, third edition (excel file)
Seal, Where to place bolt seal (picture)
Seal, High security / bolt seal (picture)
Seal, Plastic security seal (picture)
Seal, Plastic padlock seal (picture)
Seal, Metal globe / strip seal (picture)
Seal, Cable seal (picture)

Amount of EUR pallets in a container (picture)
Amount of US pallets in a container (picture)
EUR pallet messurement (picture)
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