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Rules and regulations

General information for International Commercial Terms (INCOTerms)
EXW, EX works
FCA, Free carrier
FAS, Free alongside ship
FOB, Free on board
CFR, Cost and freight
CIF, Cost, insurance and freight
CPT, Carriage paid to
CIP, Carriage and insurance paid to
DAF, Deliverd at frontier
DES, Delivered ex ship
DEQ, Deliverd ex quay
DDU, Delivered duty unpaid
DDP, Delivered duty paid

The Hamburg Rules - Hamburg, 30 March 1978 (word file)
The Hague-Visby Rules - Amended by the Brussels Protocol 1968 (word file)

NSAB2000, Danish (pdf file)
NSAB2000, English (pdf file)
NSAB2000, Finnish (pdf file)
NSAB2000, French (pdf file)
NSAB2000, German (pdf file)
NSAB2000, Norwegian (pdf file)
NSAB2000, Russian (pdf file)
NSAB2000, Swedish (pdf file)

NSAB2015, Danish (pdf file)
NSAB2015, English (pdf file)
NSAB2015, Swedish (pdf file)
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